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Septic Inspections and Repair

We are certified to the highest standard of North Carolina Septic Inspection & Installation. We are both Level IV credentialed, and Inspector licensed to help you with any septic need you may have.

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Septic Installation

Is your site ready for septic tank installation? At MHI, we pride ourselves in our commercial and residential septic installation. Septic is the hub of what we do, not an afterthought or an add-on. 

We’re here to walk you through the entire septic process. From permitting to installation, we’re in your corner.

With MHI, we’ll orchestrate the Septic System design (as issued by the county) that works best for your unique terrain. We are eco-conscious and will work within the county guidelines to avoid and save your existing, mature landscaping. We’ll navigate each dip and turn of your mountain property utilizing gravitational pull and pump systems to maximize the effectiveness of your septic system.

That’s why you need a dependable and specialized contractor like MHI.

We employ trained, heavy-equipment operators to excavate your septic tank and drainage field. Once MHI installs your full septic system, you can safely move on to the next phases of site development and construction.

It’s vital your septic system is installed correctly the first time. Septic waste is hazardous—not only to you—but to the environment. In addition, incorrect septic installation will provide a mountain of headaches for you down the road. In a worst case scenario, a poorly executed septic can cause multiple ownership liabilities (that aren’t always covered by insurance).

You’ll want to use a proven contractor you can trust, so contact MHI, today.

Septic Inspection

There’s more that goes into your septic system than simply flushing a toilet. Your system has some complex components. And like any household appliance or system, some components can corrode over time. That’s why most lenders in North and South Carolina require septic inspections prior to closing.

Even if you’re in a position to pay cash for a home, it’s important to inspect your septic system to prevent unexpected costs following the finalization of your purchase.

At MHI, we expedite the inspection process, so you have the answers you need to make an informed decision.

Ready to inspect? Connect with MHI.

Septic Repair

Your septic system is a vital component to your home: every plumbing appliance is connected to your septic, not just your toilets. So, here are some warning signs of septic failure:

  • System Backup—sewage and wastewater will backup into your sinks, drains, and toilets.
  • Slow Drains—If it seems like your pipes are constantly clogging, they may be full of sewage and backup.
  • Pooled Water—When your septic stops absorbing water, you’ll see pooled and unusual moisture around your septic tank and/or drain field.
  • Obvious Odors—If you walk outdoors and are hit with a stench of sewage, you may have a leak or other septic issue.

In addition, we understand septic systems can be difficult to locate. That’s why MHI offers additional systems and tools such as:

  • a flushable locator device
  • and a scoping camera

to help you find  all the necessary components of your setup.

Septic repair is complex. Reach out for a personal consultation, today.