Drain Field

and Leach Bed Installation

From drain field specifics including location, size, depth, processes, and material quality; MHI is the professional team you need to ensure your home’s septic system is ready to last a lifetime.

Who We Serve

We proudly service these WNC areas

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→ Flat Rock

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Drain Field & Leach Bed Installation

Location & Size

When installing your drain field, location will be key. Your county inspector or engineer will construct a plan and drawings based on distance from your water system, edible plants, livestock, as well as optimization of gravitational pull. At MHI, we utilize the permitted drawings and have full authorization to construct your leach bed based on the size of your septic tank, estimated usage, property size, and soil quality. The larger your home and septic system, the larger your drain field will need to be to prevent effluent emissions.


Excavation is key to the installation process running smoothly. At MHI, we employ certified operators to keep your project running as efficiently as possible. Installation will include:

  • the digging of trenches
  • installation of drainage tools such as – a distribution box, T&J Panel system, EZflow® system, large diameter pipe, and/or Aerobic Drip Irrigation system
  • installation of chambers,
  • and installation of proper connections.

Please keep in mind that unknowns are inevitable; but, don’t worry! We’ll contact 811 prior to installation to ensure your energy, cable, and gas lines are safely located away from our dig-zone.

With the proper installation, quality of products and systems, your drain field should last your lifetime with only minimal repairs. At MHI, we’d love to see your drain field last beyond your legacy, as you pass down your property from generation to generation.